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Color Services


Wella is our color line of choice. These are colors that have evolved and changed to suit trends and clients needs. They are natural looking conditioning to the hair and kind to the scalp. We also can discuss with you your needs and order special colors that are designed for guests with very sensitive scalps. The Perfect innosense line is formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy.

Theres a whole menu of different ways to color your hair these days from shoe shinning, to dip dye, to ombre ,balayage, sombre, pixalate and flash colors.

heres a little explanation to help you.

Base tint

 your whole hair colored from roots to points

Root retouch

just the regrowth colored

Color refresh

color added or combed through to ends of hair after a root tint.

Permanet color

color  stays and grows out, can lighten  and gives best grey coverage. Some fading may occur depending on hair color and enviroment.

Semi permanent

depending on hair and make of color. Doesn't lighten only adds tone or darkens or covers a percentage of grey.  Color will wash/ fade gradually

Clear or colored glossing

a gloss that coats your hair lasting so many shampoos. Clear adds a lovely shine ,color adds a shine with some tone to enrich the color of the  hair.

Base tint with hi hights

Hair is tinted and to brake it up a little give it some light or dark or tonal hi lights through it. A more natural and interesting look.

Hi lights

color lighter than your natural place by weaving out strands of hair to a thickness or amount required. Low lights the same but same color as natural hair with tone added or darker.

A full head

the whole head of hair is tinted or sections of hights through it either full lenght or roots

Half head

hair hi lighted from just below the crown along the top and down the sides either full lenght or roots

T- section

hair along the parting at crown and along hairline at sides ( a quick fix used inbetween half /full head appointments.)

Shoe shinning

short hair has color brushed mostly applied by foil across it to color the tips only.


trend for dark roots and lighter ends a clear dark to light fade  should be natural  and not a hard line unless effect is sometimes required

Dip dye

is basically the same thing


is a free hand painting the color on,you paint when and where you want it flows more with the natural flow of the hair.Its like hi lights only a natural flow not weaved out . balayage is a french word meaning to paint or sweep it has a more natural sun kissed effect than standard hi-lights but stronger color can be used for required effects


if ombre is a little too much for you  sombre has the light hair going up  further  towards to the roots and a few fine dark sections are applied the lower lenghts to give a softer natural ombre mix.

Flash color

when a small block section of hair has a noticable different color applied to it. Maybe through the bangs or a slice at the lower back. Thickness placement and amount depend on effect required.


When small inch squares are tinted in a diaganal cross section one line per hair section normally on the outer sections of hair only .To give a pixilated look works best on straight hair.


To remove color pigment from the hair to give it a much lighter look


To add viberency or depth to base color or used to help remove unwanted tones in the hair

Color iD

A product that allows different colors a few shades apart to be free hand painted and not bleed into each other. Creating a creative controlled time saving look.


There are many more terms but as a stylist l hope l have explained and cleared up a few of the processes.






All Color service will only have an extra color charge if extra tint is needed. This only happens in a very small percentage of services either for the length of hair or thickness of hair,an estimate of the amount of color needed will be discussed before any services. 



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