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Masks are required to be over your mouth and nose the whole duration of your time inside the salon. This is to protect us and the people around you. We all happily wear and work in a mask to keep you protected.

Please use the hand sanitizers when entering the salon. If at anytime you don't feel comfortable please let us know. The main concern is to keep everyone safe and happy.

If you have a cough or fever or symptom related to Covid however minor. If you have been around someone who has had symptoms or has covid. If you have flown within the last 2 weeks. Please cancel your appointment and wait 2 weeks or until it is safe to come back.

Only one person per appointment allowed in and please wait in the car if need be. Also please only bring a small amount of personal items with you and keep these on your person at all times. I appreciate the less money/checks that are used the better so if you can pay in cc for the services please do. Stylists will still take cash tips please ask them if you want too .

Thank you and stay safe 


For new clients (and old clients who just need a chat )l have set up zoom for you. l have realized . It can be worrisome going to a new salon with stylists you have never met before. I have had very good response from new clients visiting us. One concern is seeing your face shape and meeting us with a mask on. We are very confident and have a very good sense of what will suit you. To make this easier for you. You can have a consultation via zoom to meet us. Please contact Helen to set this up. Hair color consultations please note the color can look different on the computer. Plus we can't feel/ see the health textures well as real life. We still welcome you to have a in salon free consultation if you prefer that .

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