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Hello, Let me introduce  myself. My name is Donna. I began my career in Connecticut with advanced training in NYC. Of course training/learning never stops. After selling my Salon I moved here to Orlando . I really love it because everyone is from everywhere. 

My favorite services are cuts and colors especially. My challenge , though is to creatively color, hi light or shadow hair to create as little roots as possible.Just doing color to cover roots has much more creative paths open to it . Many of these paths are Bayalage, Hi lights, low lights,shadowing,  panels bolder than just a foil. Peek-a-boo added in a way that doesn't create noticeable roots. Geometrics are fun, minimal patterns with great impact.

There are also painless ways to grow color out. It doesn't have to become mundane  maintenance.

I did it and now i have a blank palette to begin again. 

So - if you are looking to make your hair fun again. Come see me @ Cavallo Hair Designers.




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