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Devacurl is the new product range we have for those summer curls.

It helps with the frizz and gives a natural beautiful looking curl. Its 100%sulfate,paraben and silicone-free.












Because style and fashion isnt all about the surface.

Whats new and will be big in  2017

The new blue this year is denim,its a cross between pastel blue and bold. Pastel colors and rainbow color is still a popular choice.

Corkscrew curls/spirals both natural and chemical are big this year. Extreme side partings are coming back. The braids to have in 2017 are fishtail, mermaid and waterfall braids. Jewelry in the hair and accessorize are going to be big in 2017. Natural roots showing, long bangs and bangs in general are in .A lob=longer bob is big news with some layers for dimension and depth, messy or soft waves. long pixie cuts and ombre are popular too.

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