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Our Principles Of Cavallo Culture.


The principles are a fundamental role on how we treat not only our clients but each other. It comes from the importance of our staff, our mission our goals, Cavallo's love of the job and the need to develop and grow. It's how we grow relationships and mix old style good manners  with modern, passion and spirt and free thinking.




RESPECT; Everyone wants and is treated the same and with respect no matter of your gender, ethnicity and religion.

RECOGNITION;  To listen, to remember, identify and accept. To notice praise and reward.

LEADERSHIP; We take control, we give honest advice whatever level and we take leadership at all times in what we do. To lead yourself, your clients and your team



Is a gift thats to be given away freely. 

We believe you can never know to much so training is an on going part which fuels us.


Is the price of our worth. We will never sell ourselves cheap. We have confidence in who we are and what we deliver. Cavallo does believe in trying to give something back to our clients, to our community and charity. 



Here at Cavallo we dont just watch a trend develop we learn from it, we question it. We aim to excel in it and sometimes we adapt and change it.

We see ourselves as artists, we are encourage to follow our heart and judgement. We go with the hair, not necessarily the text book, we know everyone is different and go with the natural ways on how the hair behaves, whatever the desired effect.

Its important to bounce ideas of each other and the clients. Never be afraid to step outside the box, we grow with being adventurous, brave and courageous.



ETIQUETTE of a professional

To look after, to listen, to explain, to understand, to ask questions, to pamper everyone we meet. To be graceful and polite and welcoming with flexibility.



Smile and make eye contact to be open and giving and do our upmost to put people at ease and feel relaxed.

Always do what you say no matter how big or small. Know who you are and act with morals, honesty, ethical and legal.



We can be a friend, a counsellor, a shoulder, an advisor, a fashion guru, an arts and enterainment critic, a miracle worker, a life couch or  to just relax from a busy life. All that and more plus technically skilled and do great hair We at Cavallo stand tall and proud.



Cavallo is focused on a strong, bonded fun happy team. It's everyones business and everyone has a voice and is an important part of the business. Ideas are inspired to make us all proactive. Rewards are important at Cavallo.

Dreams here at Cavallo are turned into plans which become focuses and dreams become our goals.


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