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There are a lot of new people in the area. Welcome, l too am somewhat of a newbie. Cavallo have been in the Dr Phillips/ Windermere area for a long time . They started in the 80s at the Market Place. I brought and took them over 6 years ago. I cant tell you about the time before me. It wasn't my history, dream, blood sweat and tears . It really has very little to do with me. Although l am proud of my staff and realize they have been through a lot and have shared many emotions and times as a close working team with a huge loyal client base who are like friends and family to us..In fact that's the reason l brought Cavallo .It had really nothing to do with the money , or the company . It was about the team. I sneaked in a haircut and color with them before l brought the salon and could tell what a great talented team they were. It was about having a team who looked after, cared about each other. Even when at times l was that new annoying brit lol. They were/are quintessentially the hair salon we all grew up with. Not only are they loyal they are extremely good hair stylists, who get even better year after year. We are a smaller team since Covid, but still going strong. I might not have been part of their long past. I am here for their present and future..

You don't see much of their work on line, its mostly mine, no one knew who l was/am and l enjoy the social media side . My team are local hair heroes they don't need or want to put work on line they don't have too . They have a very strong, loyal client base. The name alone sends people calling for our services. Saying this we all, look forward to new clients to meet, new hair to tailor and create for individual people. Thats what you are a beautiful individual with your own unique style and look. All my staff welcome the challenge of new clients and of course, talking to new people.

So if your reading this and you are already an important part of our creative environment thank you or you are new and wondering who you can trust. Call for a chat or book a free consultation and then you will understand who Cavallo really are.

Thank you for reading have a wonderful day.

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